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Welcome you all to Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare (IJHRW). We are a group of researchers, health practitioners, social workers and students.The aims of the IJHRW are to promote quality, indigence and cross-cultural researches, provide database to researches relating to psychology and other health sciences, build a platform for researchers for scholarly discussion to enrich thoughts for generating new ideas in psychology and other health sciences, and to publish quality books, journals and scales and to provide them to researches at their doorstep to promote the discipline of psychology.

We also aim at organizing national and international conferences, workshops, educational opportunities and to offer an encouraging atmosphere for inter-disciplinary alliance and career growth communication.


I send my greetings to all of you in India, and my best wishes to IAHRW and PsyInsight. It is especially gratifying for me to welcome you to the study of Flourishing because I believe India will play a special role.

- Martin Seligman

Congratulations IAHRW on the launching of your new publication. As a long time student of Positive Psychology, it thrills me to know that so many people in India will be exposed to this very important filed of study, it growing body of research, and its vast potential to improve quality of life.

- Mary Judd

I am extremely happy to know that a group of researchers, psychologists, health practitioners and students are releasing the second issue of monthly magazine entitled "Behaviour Modification for HIV/AIDS" You all are doing a wonderful job as the releasing of monthly magazine is providing them a platform to expose their talent and also their research work. I convey my best wishes for the success of the second issue of the magazine.

- Dr. M.L. Ranga, Vice Chancellor, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology

I am pleased to know that young researchers of India have endeavored to launch the second issue of 'PsyInsight' an international standard magazine. I believe it will be beneficial for the
academicians, students and layman. I extend my blessings to the editorial team and wish the
magazine a great success.

- Dr. R.C. Sobti, (Padamshri), Former Vice-Chancellor, Punjab University, Chandigarh

With open arms, the universe welcomes and celebrates PsyInsight. Deep bows of congratulations and gratitude for spotlighting Positive Psychology in your premier issue. Promoting well-being across academic, spiritual, and other socio-cultural domains will radiate ripples of positivity, transcend boundaries, and help unite humanity. Your ground-breaking, maiden voyage issue offers a brilliant synthesis of life-enhancing resources. Graciously, I thank you for the privileged honor to be included in your noble endeavor. With warm sincerity and best wishes for continued success.

- Judy Krings

Kiran Kumar

"I am happy that the first issue of PsyInsight was dedicated to Positive Psychology, which is a fast growing interest area among researchers. I am happy that it included articles on happiness and wellbeing from different perspectives, East and West. It included useful information about journals on positive psychology. The layout design and print was appealing. As the inaugural issue it is commendable and I congratulate all those who strove to make it happen in the backstage. I wish it success in conveying the latest in research to masses and increase their awareness in future."

- Prof. Kiran Kumar, Department of Psychology, University of Maysor

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